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Program Guide: Events for Teens

Teen Volunteering Opportunities

Atlantic City Free Public Library Teen Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to the Atlantic City Free Public Library Teen Volunteer LibGuide.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved and give back to your community, gain valuable work experience, and meet lifelong friends. If you are looking for ways to become more active in the community, the library is a great place to start!

Teen Volunteering Opportunities are reserved for teens ages 13 – 18 (grades 7 - 12). Students who need service hours for school and/or clubs, please indicate the number of hours you need, date needed, and organization/club contact.

Volunteering opportunities are created based on the needs of the Youth Services Department. This resource will be regularly updated as volunteering opportunities become available.

Volunteer opportunities cannot be used for court ordered community service. Carefully read all directions and requirements. Do not use your school email address because you will not be able to receive emails from us.

Complete the Teen Volunteer Interest Form. The Youth Services Staff will follow up with you via email within 48 hours.



Shelf Readers

Shelf Readers are responsible for keeping library materials correctly organized on our shelves. Shelf Reader volunteer opportunities are always available; however, you must submit a volunteer application and pass a shelf reading test to be considered. When you are able to start depends on the strength of your application and test results.

Collection Maintenance

Collection maintenance involves the daily care of library materials: keeping the stacks neat/clean, making sure items are in the correct location, and cleaning to remove/prevent dust build-up.

Review all the information below before applying.

            Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be in grades 7-12 when applying.
  • Must be proficient at placing library materials in order according to the English Alphabet and Dewey Decimal System.
  • Must complete the ACFPL Teen Shelf Reader application in its entirety.

Shelf Reader position description

Shelf Readers are responsible for ensuring that library materials are correctly organized on our shelves. Shelf Readers will be trained during their first few shifts. Shelf reader shifts are 1-2 hours long. See the table below for information the Shelf Reader calendar.

Shelf Reader Calendar runs

Deadline for new applications

January 1 – April 30

December 15

May 1 – August 31

April 15

September 1 – December 31

August 15

Only ten (10) shelf reader positions will be available per cycle. If your application is not selected in a rotation cycle, your information will be saved and reviewed for the next cycle. The application will close if we have an abundance of applications to review.

            Application Instructions

  • Complete the online Shelf Reader Test.
  • Applications that are incomplete will not be processed. Shelf Reader positions are limited.
  • Applicants who are accepted for shelf reader opportunities will be contacted by email. It is the teen’s responsibility to follow up or check their email for updates.
  • If you are removed from the Shelf Reader program for disciplinary or unsatisfactory work, and want to serve as a Shelf Reader again, you will have to complete the application process again.

Teen Advisory Group


The Atlantic City Free Public Library's Teen Advisory Group, or TAG, is a group of teen volunteers who take an active role in implementing programs, promoting, and advocating for library services for youth in the Atlantic City community. TAG is the voice of our teen/young adult community at the Atlantic City Free Public Library. TAG is a selective group of teens ages 13-18, or grades 7-12, who assist the Library’s Youth Services Department. TAG members lead programs, create fun displays and book lists, and brainstorm events for the Library’s teen community.

TAG members play a vital role in planning programs & activities, curating reading collections, and advocating for AC youth in the library. TAG is a service-oriented organization. Teens earn volunteer hours that can be used for school clubs and organizations, college applications, and gain valuable work experience. The volunteer hours earned will also go toward receiving the Presidential Service Award!

We are currently recruiting Atlantic City teens for membership into TAG! 
Requirements for becoming a member of TAG:
  • Teens ages 13-18, (grades 7-12) 
  • Have an active Atlantic City Free Public Library card in 'good standing'
  • Attend two monthly meetings (held biweekly September - June) 
  • Complete 10 volunteer hours a month. 

Apply to join TAG!

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

How does Virtual Volunteering work? 

Virtual volunteer opportunities are only available to Atlantic City students who have completed a volunteer interest form AND volunteer application, and been approved by the Youth Services Librarian. Participants must have library card in ‘good standing’. The volunteer opportunities listed below can be completed from home.

Look through the Virtual Volunteering Opportunities below. Choose whatever activity you’d like, and submit your work for review. Follow the guidelines on how to submit your work for review. All submissions must be sent to (by the deadline if specified) with the required subject heading.

Once you have submitted your work, you will receive confirmation if it was accepted along with the number of hours earned. Volunteers are asked to keep track of their hours by completing submission logs! It’s your responsibility to keep track of your time. Check the table below to see how much each task is worth and limits for submissions.

If you have any questions, please email the Youth Services Department




Submit a Book Review

Recommend a book from ACFPL’s Teen/Young Adult (YA) collection to earn volunteer service hours. If accepted to be published in our monthly teen newsletter or social media, teens will earn one (1) hour of volunteer service credit for each book recommendation. If you have any questions email Youth Services staff at

Book recommendations are spoiler-free teasers that are designed to help others decide whether they would like to read the book. Teens can submit written book recommendations using the ACFPL Teen Book Recommendation Form . Recommendations must be at least 100 hundred words long.

Limit two (2) review submission per month.


Mini Book Review

Create a mini-review for the library’s Instagram feed. Using whatever software you like, write a short and snappy one or two-sentence review for any recently published book you’ve read in 2023. The image could have a picture of the book cover and your words included with it, and can be as  simple as “Elizabeth Acevedo does not disappoint. This book is fire, check it out!” or as detailed as “An artistically moving and heartfelt story of  discovering that your true self is already needed and loved by your community.”

Instructions for submission: Your image should be a square and in .jpg format. Include in the body of the email your name as you’d like it to appear and the grade you are currently in. Email to with the subject line “Instagram book review.” (1 hour volunteer time) 

Check out some examples here: 

Limit one (1) mini review submission per month for a max of 1 hour.


Themed Book List 

Create a themed book list for us to post on social media and/or our website. Curate a list of books you’d recommend with a theme that pulls them together. Examples are “Books that Make 2023 Look Tame” or “Road Trip Books for When You’re Stuck at Home” or “Books with Happy Endings for Hard Times.” Be creative! 

Check the library’s catalog and check to see if ACFPL has the book in print or in digital format (eBook or audio-book) through Hoopla or Libby. Include links to each book to make it easier for others to find. If the book isn’t available here at ACFPL you can still include it. 

Instructions for submission: Each list should have at least 10 books. Make sure to include the book’s title and author’s name for each item on your list. Email your list in the body of your email to with the subject line “Themed book list.” Please don’t send links to Google docs.  You can copy and paste the list from your Google doc to the body of the email. (1 hour volunteer time) 

Limit one (1) book list submission per month for 1 hour.


Recreate a Book Cover 

Recreate a book cover using whatever household items you can find to stage your photo. Check out the #recreateabookcover hashtag on Instagram for ideas and inspiration. 

Instructions for submission: Send two images in .jpg format. Send the book cover (it can be a photo of the book or a picture from a google image search) and your re-creation of the book cover. Please include the title of the book in the body of the email. Email to with the subject line “Recreate a book cover.” (1 hour volunteer time) 

Limit 3 submissions per month for a max of 3 hours (1 hour per submission).


Original Artwork 

We’d love to see your art! Whether it’s drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing…we want to see it! We’ll share it on our website and/or social media. 

Guidelines: Email a picture of your artwork to with the subject “Original Artwork”. Please include a description in the body of the email and your name as you’d like it to appear on the library's social media pages. Limit one (1) submission per semester! (This means you can only submit once in the Fall and once in the Spring). (3 hour volunteer time)

Limit one submission per semester (Fall & Spring) for a max of 3 hours per submission. 


Video Recommendation of a Book, Movie or Video Game

Record yourself recommending a book, movie or video game that you love. Try to keep it short and to the point and avoid spoilers. Make us want to read, watch or play whatever you’re reviewing! You can introduce yourself in the video, but just use your first name. 

Upload your video to your Google Drive and then send a link to with the subject line “Video Recommendation for (book - or whatever you're recommending).” (2 hours volunteer time)

Limit one submission per month for a max of 2 hours per submission.


Youth Services Newsletter

Coming Fall 2023!

The Library Youth Services Department will begin publishing monthly newsletters. These newsletters will feature information on library programs and events for AC youth. Each month, teens will be able to submit work to be featured in the newsletter: answer prompts, submit an original article on a topic (approved by youth service librarian), submit original artwork, poetry/writing, reviews, and much more! Earn community service credit by contributing to our monthly teen newsletters.

Email questions and submissions to Youth Services Librarian: Brandy Walthall at


Virtual Volunteer Hours Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of the hours you can earn through virtual volunteering opportunities. Please see the explanation of activities above. The hours listed are not guaranteed and will be determined by the Youth Services Librarian.

Book Review

1 hour (per recommendation)

Mini Book Review

1 hour (per recommendation)

Recreate a Book Cover

1 hour

Original Artwork 

3 hours

Video Recommendation of a Book, Movie or Video Game

2 hours

Themed Book list 1 hour

Youth Services Newsletter

1 – 4 hours

Find videos for our Online Programs and more on social media

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