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Legal Information Reference Center Provides a wide selection of New Jersey (and multi-state) legal forms across the most popular legal areas. Includes real estate contracts, wills, pre-marital agreements, bankruptcy, divorce, landlord tenant and many others. Also included is a comprehensive attorney state directory and a dictionary of legal definitions explained in laymen's language.

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The Atlantic County Bar Association offers a Lawyer Referral Service that connects clients with attorneys. If you need an attorney in Atlantic County, NJ, please call 609-345-3444. You can get general referrals, or referrals based on ocation and specialty.

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Making a Will in New Jersey

Do I need a lawyer to make a will in New Jersey?  No. You can make your own will in New Jersey, using Nolo's do-it-yourself will software or online will programs. However, you may want to consult a lawyer in some more complex situations.

What are the requirements for signing a will in New Jersey?  To finalize your will in New Jersey:

  • you must sign your will in front of two witnesses, and
  • your witnesses must sign your will.

Do I need to have my will notarized?  No, in New Jersey, you do not need to notarize your will to make it legal. 

However, New Jersey allows you to make your will "self-proving" and you'll need to go to a notary if you want to do that.  A self-proving will speeds up probate because the court can accept the will without contacting the witnesses who signed it. To make your will self-proving, you and your witnesses will go to the notary and sign an affidavit that states who you are and that each of you knew you were signing the will.  For more information, please go to the following url:

Living Will in New Jersey

In New Jersey, a Living Will is called an Advanced Directive.  Here is the form, Instructive Directive (Living Will)

Completing an Advance Directive

Question: Do I need a lawyer to complete an advance directiveNo, you can complete an advance directive on your own.

Question: Does my advance directive have to be notarized?  No.

Question: Do I need a witness when I sign my advance directive?  If you have your advance directive notarized you don't need additional witnesses. Otherwise,  you can choose to sign and date your advance directive in front of two adult witnesses who must also sign and date the document. 

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Represent Yourself in Court

Divorce in New Jersey

LSNJLAW Divorce in New Jersey: A Self-Help Guide
(Clicking here will take you to the legal services of New Jersey web site)
Note: Divorce forms kits are also available in the Atlantic County Superior Court (law library 3rd floor) or the Cape May County Courthouse Law Libraries.

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