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ACFPL's Guide for Parents and Caregivers: Literacy - Helping Your Child Succeed: Your School Age Child

Supporting Your Child Through the School Years

When children learn how to read with fluency and understanding, they can approach their school experience with an inspired sense of wonder and discovery. 

All the world's knowledge and fancy is a gift that you can make available to them!



Your role as parent or caregiver remains very important to the attainment of this gift as your child continues through the elementary and middle school years. 

Parents, Caregivers and School Success

Children are more likely to succeed academically when their families actively support them. When family members get involved with the school community, communicate regularly with teachers, participate in school functions and help kids with homework, they give children a tremendous advantage. 

Here are a few tips on how you can support your student's learning...

  • Have a peaceful place in your home away from the distractions of media
  • Set a regular time for doing homework and check for completion and quality
  • Provide necessary supplies and resources
  • Monitor homework assignments and be familiar with project due dates, quizzes and tests
  • Encourage good study habits by helping your child to be organized and neat

Most of all, show your interest in what your child is doing in school, and stimulate curiosity by talking with your child on a wide range of topics.

How The Library Can Help with Achievement in School


  • Print and digital editions of classic and modern titles, for school assignments or recreational reading
  • Access to digital resources for homework help, research, skill-building, test preparation and more
  • Personal Librarian Service to help kids navigate through the many resources available here at the library

Check out our Kids' Page and Homework Help Page for more about Homework Help at the Library.

Places To Go With Your Child in the Atlantic City Area

Stimulate your child's curiosity and interest in the world around us!  Check out the following links to some of the area's most wonderful attractions and plan your visit.

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

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