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eBook Central: Overdrive Tips & Tricks

Overdrive General Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using Overdrive...

  • Your Sony Reader and your B&N nook can also be used to listen to mp3 format audiobooks and music! No need to purchase a separate player for audio! Note: You may need to purchase a memory card to accommodate an audiobook if you have a lot of ebooks on your reader.
  • The Overdrive Media Console is used to download and transfer audiobooks, videos and music.
  • Ebooks download directly into Adobe Digital Editions.  They don't use the Media Console.
  • When you have time to browse, add titles to your Wishlist.  That way when you need a book in a hurry, you can just visit your list.
  • WMA audiobooks will not download to or play on a Mac.  Consequently, if you use a Mac, you can't transfer this audio format to your iPod.  Mp3 audiobooks will work.
  • If you have a supported smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone), or iDevice, use the Overdrive app to download mp3 format audios and EPUB format ebooks directly to your phone!

iDevices & Overdrive

Here are a few tips & tricks to make Overdrive and your iDevice (iPhone/iTouch/iPod/iPad) a happier couple!

At Home

  • If you use a Mac, you can download & transfer only mp3 format titles to your iDevice.
  • If you use a PC, you can download & transfer both mp3 and WMA format titles to your iDevice. 
  • When you get ready to transfer a title from your PC, make sure that iTunes is open and that your iDevice is connected to your computer.
  • iTunes will treat an audiobook in mp3 format like a music album.  It will store the parts in your Music Library.
  • iTunes will automatically create an audiobook playlist for titles in WMA format and put the files in it. (sweet...)

On the Go

  • Use the Overdrive app to directly download mp3 format audiobooks and EPUB format ebooks to your iPhone or other supported iDevice.  Works best with a wifi connection. WMA and pdf format titles won't work.

Transferring Audios to your iDevice

Getting audiobooks from Overdrive to your iDevice can sometimes be problematic.  This is an iTunes issue, not an Overdrive issue. 

Here are instructions:

1.  If if you're going to use your computer to transfer audiobooks to your iDevice, choose the WMA format over the mp3 format (if it's available).  I recommend the WMA format because when you transfer the book to your iDevice, iTunes will automatically create an audiobooks playlist that will magically appear in iTunes -- with your book in it!  If the title is an mp3, then the book will move to your music library as an album and you'll have to find it, create your own playlist, and move the files into the playlist manually.

Note:   You can avoid the mp3 transfer issue if you use the Overdrive iPhone app.  The app will allow you to download mp3 format audiobooks directly to your phone or iPad, avoiding the transfer process entirely.  But not all our audiobooks are in mp3 format, so if you want to listen to a book that's WMA format, you'll have to follow the transfer instructions below.

2.  Make sure you're using the Overdrive Media Console to download the book and to transfer the book into iTunes. (see #3)

3.  When you download the book from Overdrive, have iTunes open and ready to go and have your iDevice connected to your computer.  You can just minimize iTunes while the book is downloading to your computer, or you can keep it open and browse the iTunes store while you wait for the Overdrive download to complete.  Either way, once the book has downloaded to your computer and you are ready to move it to your iDevice, all you have to do is hit the transfer button in the Overdrive Media Console and the book should transfer seamlessly.

Make sure that you have the most recent versions of the Overdrive Media Console and iTunes installed on your computer.

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